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Cooking them

The essentials of insect cooking

How to cook them?


Pumpkin soup with crickets and hazelnut cream

In a stuffing

Mealworm and chestnut raviolis

In a sauce

Linguine with spicy insect bolognaise

In a sweet treat

Caramelized almond and insect tuiles

The unwritten rules to insect pairing

Our bugs enjoy good company: seasonal veggies, local wines and fair ingredients. Casual or deluxe, your pick.

Market list

Peas in their pods
Shitake mushrooms
A buffalo mozzarella
A couple of sea urchins
Sicilian olive oil

Wine pairing

A crisp and light Chardonnay (Petit Chablis)
A citrusy Pinot Grigio (Veneto)
A chilled Pinot Noir (Côte de Beaune)
A light juicyGamay (Beaujolais)
A delicate Japanese whisky

Insects feel good on every plate: the fancy, the minimalist, the cheerful or the understated and even the hearty...

Hints & flavours

Overall, insects taste of cereals and mushrooms.Yet each bears a few distinctive notes gourmets tend to agree on.


Grilled prawns, buttery flavours, nutmeg, cep


Barbecued corn, truffle & forest, barley, pistachio

Every wednesday, find here new recipes with your favorite edible insects !

Verrines with summer flavors & edible insects 

Ingredients for ten verrines :

- Classic 50 Sigillatus 
- 150g of yogurt
- 1 passion fruit 
- Raspberry
- Blueberry

Directions :

1. Put the yogurt in each verrines.
2. Wash and arrange your raspberry and blueberry in your verrines.
3. Cut and empty your passion fruit, then put it inside. Finally, arrange your plain crickets to get a nice crispness verrines !

Fresh bruschetta with edible insects 

Ingredients for 1 bruschetta :

- One thick slice of cereals bread
- Fresh goat’s cheese
- Cherry tomatoes
- 1/2 avocado
- Rocket salad
- Apero 250 Garden Party

Directions :

1. Spread the fresh goat’s cheese on the slice of bread.
2. Cut into fine strips the ½ avocado and arrange it on your slice of bread.
3. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half, arrange them and add some rocket salad.
4. Sprinkled with edible insects flavoured Garden Party your bruschetta.

Gaspacho & bread cheese sticks & edible insects flavoured thyme

Ingredients for 2 people :

For the bread cheese sticks :
- A box of breadsticks
- Fresh cheese
- Chives
- Apero 250 Thym

For gaspacho :
- 500 g of tomatoes
- 1/2 cucumber
- 1/2 pepper
- Garlic
- Oinon
- Olive oil, salt & pepper


1. Clean and cut the ingredients for the gaspacho. Then, mix in a blender. Keep in fresh.  
2. Thanks to a knife, put fresh cheese on ¾ of the breadsticks.
3. Cut the chives and make a mix chives/edible insects flavoured thyme.
4. Take your cheese breadsticks and roll them in the mixture chives/edible insects.

Basil tomato verrine, mozzarella cream and mealworms, edible insects cheese tiles

An appetizer with flavors from Italy with these basil tomato verrines, mozzarella and edible tenebrion whipped cream with insects cheese tiles.

Ingredients :

- A box of tomato pulp
- 1 mozzarella cheese
- 20 cL double cream
- Fresh basil
- Salt, pepper
- 10g of plain mealworms

For the cheese tiles :
- 50g of emmental cheese
- 30g of parmesan
- Some mealworms to sprinkle on the cheese tiles

Preparation :

In a saucepan, heat the double cream and the mozzarella. Let it cold during 30 min. Beat the preparation until a smooth cream.

Cheese tiles’ s preparation :
Mix emmental cheese, parmesan and mealworms. Pour the mixture forming circles in a hot non-stick skillet until golden brown.
In the verrine, put the tomato pulp mixed with basil. Then, add the mozzarella smooth cream on the basil tomato pulp. Sprinkle the verrine of mealworms and basil leaf. Serve with a cheese tile of mealworms.

Fresh & generous melon with edible insects 

Today it is a very generous and funny frog that we offer for a refreshing entry. To carry alone or with your children for an original presentation!

Ingredients :

- A melon
- Plain edible insects
- Two cherries
- Two wooden sticks

Preparation :

1. Cut a quarter of melon, then cut it out to collect the flesh.
2. Cut this quarter of melon to make the legs of the frog.
3. Next, cut the diced melon and mix with the edible insects.Then, you can fill the frog with this fresh mix !
4. Finally, don’t forget the frog’s eyes ! Use the wooden sticks to insert the cherries at the end of them and stick the other end in the melon and it’s done !

A refreshing and original starter for young and old !

Parmentier of semolina with edible insects flavoured Salsa & summer vegetables

Ingredients for 4 persons:

- 250g of semolina
- 5 ripe tomatoes
- 2 peppers
- 1 large onion
- 4 carrots
- 1 eggplant
- Mealworms and crickets flavoured Salsa
- Olive oil
- Salt, pepper & oregano

Preparation :

Wash and cut your vegetables into dice. In a frying pan, add a pinch of olive oil and put onion, carrots, eggplant and peppers and cook for 15 min. Once the vegetables begin to be melted, add the tomatoes and cook until they release their juices. Season with salt, pepper and oregano.

Meanwhile, boil 250 mL of water and add 250 g of semolina. Add a little oil, salt and cover until the water is completely absorbed. Then mix insects flavored Salsa with the semolina to give a spicy flavor.

Dressage :

Using a cookie cutter, place a layer of insects semolina, then a layer of vegetables and alternate until the cookie cutter is filled. Finish with a layer of vegetables and sprinkle with insects on top.

Enjoy it warm !


“ I didn’t think mealworms would turn into a habit. Now I always have a spare bag in the cupboard, I like to cook them the way I’d use minced meat. They keep for months; I don’t have to worry about best before dates. ”

Alexandre M. Student at theGobelins (Paris).

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