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Micronutris is aware that eating edible insects isn't a common practise in western countries. That's the reason why, this is important to give people information about entomophagy. We propose different adapted formulas to your projects.

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Entitled : What about eating edible insects ?

Duration : 60 min. Additional time can be allocated for a question’s session on this subject.

Summary : Edible insects as food are still recent and not well known in Europe. Edible insects have a lot of quality in term of nutrition and environment. Through this presentation, you will discover the edible insects across different subjects : intrinsic quality, history of their consumption in the world, recipes idea...etc. It will show you how entomophagy can be replaced in a sustainable food context.

Events & tastings

Presentation of dehydrated edible insects : Crickets and mealworms.

Tasting of dehydrated edible insects (Crickets and mealworms) and all our product range Micronutris.

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