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Can we eat insects found in garden ou forest ?

As well as the mushrooms and plants, all the insects species aren’t edible. Except for the insects specialists, it’s not advisable to harvest in person insects to eat them. Besides, insects from nature may have had contact with pesticides or other chemical compound.


Which insect is the most appropriate for the first tasting ?

Mealworms and crickets are the two species easy to prepare and to cook. They have also, the advantage to be nutrient and delicious.


Can we eat everything by insect ?

Mealworms and crickets can be eaten completely. For the adult cricket, some people prefer to consume them without wings and the large hind legs.


What is the difference between entomology and entomophagy ?

Entomology is the common term for the insects studies whether the entomophagy is the consumption of insects for human.


Can we eat insects cooked or alive ?

For sanitary reasons, the insects are usually enjoyed cooked even if some people enjoyed them alive. Be careful, none insects found dead must be consumed.


Can I give insects to my children ?

Children can also tasting edible insects. The insects have a lot of essential nutrients for the growing and good for health.


Can I be allergic to insects ?

Insects contain the same allergens as seafood, acarids and spiders; more specifically it is the chitin that triggers the allergic reactions. If you might be allergic to one of these arthropods, do not take any risk and ask an allergy specialist.


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