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Our insects

Meet the edible bugs

Food lovers, rejoice, France has a new speciality.

The mealworm Tenebrio molitor

The cricket Sigillatus

Little Frenchies

Born in Europe

Better know what we put on our plates.

Southern starlets

Locals are unanimous: these bugs pair brilliantly with truffles.

... are always well raised.

With this farming of a new kind, we had to invent the know-how from scratch. We chose to trust common sense to do things well.

Good food

Carrots or zucchinis, all the food we give to our insects is coming from organic farming. 

Chilled out days

Our mealworms live in close proximity as they love to snuggle. Crickets like a bit more space, we give them plenty.

All natural

We’ve ruled out artificial colours or flavours, preservatives and anything we wouldn’t eat, both in our plain insects and our crafted products.

With such a life, it’s little wonder these bugs are the finest. They are extra-rich in proteins and omega-3, not to mention flavours.

Sustainable food

Eco-friendly plates are drawn to bugs. Along with seasonal vegetables, line-caught fish and free-range eggs, insects have a solid reputation among those who care.

Insects are simply way less demanding than beef:

less feed

less water

fewer greenhouse gases

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