Micronutris | Edible insects quality

The company

The first French farm to raise edible insects

We grow mealworms and crickets in the South of France. We also craft fine products with them. For both, our focus is on doing things with the proper mind-set.

Our 3 principles

We do things well

« During its life, a mealworm will eat the equivalent of half a shaving of carrot. It’d better be a delicious one. »

We care

Zero waste plan
The insects’ waste ends up in nearby gardens to help fruits and vegetables grow.
The vegetable peels are also eaten by both mealworms and crickets.
The egg cartons, where crickets live, finish on our compost pile, not in the bin.

Short & sound supply chain
Rather than importing our insects we raise them here.
We do our best to feed them with local products

We have nothing to hide (do you?)

To maintain stellar hygiene in our farm we cannot invite visitors.
But curiosity never really killed the cat : we are happy to show you the premises here !

So what about meat?

Occasionally the question gets asked : Do we hate meat that much ? No, we enjoy eating insects knowing it makes room for better rib steaks. Beef is something we like, provided the cow had plenty of grazing room, fresh bedding and gentle care : This implies a more selective consumption.

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