We are the very first farmers in France to raise edible bugs. Audacious in spirit, we also craft fine insect-based deli products.

Fine edible insects

Packed with proteins, fibres and vitamins, insects are quite the wonder...

The finest

Because they are lovingly raised, our bugs contain a bit more proteins and omega-3. Sweet.

A sustainable delicacy

Offering a hungry world a new type of food is no small thing so we made sure to set the right standards. Obviously, our edible insects are very partial to the environment :


With healthy meals and relaxed lifestyle, our little creatures find little to complain about. Life is a bliss.


Who said France was all about wine and cheese? Our cricket and meal worms are proud to be born in the South of the country.

100% natural

Take a peak, you won’t find the slightest artificial colour, flavour or preservative there. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Sustainable food
eco-logical, less waste plan.

Discover Micronutris

Insects as food is a rather intriguing thought that’s for sure. So feel free to ask us any question, we’ll be glad to tell you all about the little marvels.
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